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7 Reasons that make your boyfriend away from you.

7 Reasons that make your boyfriend away from you.

Here 7 reasons that make your boyfriend away from you.

1. He's just busy

Perhaps he is a very busy man!. maybe he’s going through one right now. It doesn’t mean he loves you any less, but if you feel like it’s really getting in the way of your relationship, then let him know.

2. He likes his space

Some men like to be alone. It doesn’t mean that he likes you any less, you are just different in way that you like to spend your time. So perhaps leaving him to his alone time will do wonders for your relationship.

3. Maybe there's something on his mind

Some men good at talking about their feelings. sometimes they are a closed book. Safe full of emotions that’s been locked and the key thrown into the Thames. If you think there is something on his mind, just ask! It may help to put his mind, as well as yours, at ease.

4. just how he is!

when you got together, you knew who he was. He was stoic from the start. You should make it your mission in life to get him to open up. And don’t be offended if he takes a while to text back but if you feel like he’s avoiding you for days, call him out on it. If you feel like he’s making a poor effort with you, you need to tell him.

5. You may have said something that's upset him

You should ask him what’s wrong and, if he refuses to tell you, it may well be that you’ve upset him. try and talk him through in a calm and rational way.

6. There's someone else

No one likes to think if their partner thinking about other women. Its so badly, but it happens. You should confront him, but make sure you are sure about your feelings. because maybe it's the end of your relationship.

7. The relationship is over

Obviously don’t fear the worst, but it may be time to call time on your relationship, whether you want to or not. If this is the case, you have to hope that your boyfriend will be mature enough to give you the dignified ending to the relationship that you deserve. But if he’s not, and he thinks the best way to shake you off is to give you the silent treatment, then kick him to the curb first girlfriend! It’s important to remember that, if you feel like you are being ignored by your boyfriend, you speak to him before you jump to any conclusions. Never immediately think it’s your fault, because it probably isn’t. Don’t let him make you feel like you’re not good enough for his attention, and if you already feel this way, let him know. The best case scenario is that he doesn’t know how he’s making you feel, and you can both come away from the conversation having a better understanding of each other. If, however, the silent treatment leads to something worse than “he just forgot to text back,” make sure the relationship then heads in the direction you want. Ensure he give you the end to the relationship that you deserve, because you are worth more than the silent treatment.

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