Loves socializing with their friends.
How to unlock

To unlock this badge, start a new conversation with 15 friends.

Achievers: 19
  • Sarah love omar
  • Sally ochenge
  • Mabelsa Mabel Gahi
  • Hellen baby
  • Gamila  Nada
  • Mabae Mabae Hestt
  • Favor favor seaman
  • Avriel harry
  • Matanna emir
  • Estrilian baby mandi
  • Amira smaira abide
  • Karenkaren karenlove karenkarenkaren
  • Monica peters johnson
  • Rev chris mado
  • Hanifa Abdel Abdel
  • Hazel anne  parker
  • Vivien wolfenbarger sinki
  • Sharom Gallagher
  • Claire boris
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